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Knit a Rhinebeck Sweater with Growing Up Lulu

"The Rhinebeck Sweater is a term used to describe a sweater that is knit specifically for the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival held in Rhinebeck, New York. The festival is held annually in October and is a popular event for knitters and other fiber enthusiasts. The Rhinebeck Sweater phenomena was formalized in 2013 in part by Ysolda Teaque’s book that features a dozen stunning sweaters patterns inspired by the gathering. They were created by 12 different designers who selected yarns that could be purchased from among the Festivals vendors." source Green Mountain Spinnery.

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I'd love you to join me in making a Rhinebeck Sweater! The festival is on October 21, 2023, so let's try to get them done before that date! As motivation, I put together a gift basket full of wooly love that you can win! All you need to do to enter is stop in the store and pick out your yarn. Let me know what sweater you are knitting so I can add you to my list. Mention this blog post to receive 10% your sweater yarn purchase!!!

Use #RhinebeckwithLulu on all your sweater progress pictures! Maybe someday we can actually go the New York Sheep and Wool Festival together!

Happy knitting!

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