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It's no longer called "Knit Night."

Let's keep things simple - the store will no longer have Knit Nights AND Maker's Meetups. From here on out, Wednesdays from 3-8 pm, will be called Maker Meetups. This will help with some confusion, and I don't want to exclude any of our other makers i.e., needle felters, crocheters, weavers, tatters, embroiderers. All have always been welcome but now the name helps support that notion!

The only craft I can think of offhand that is not welcome - glitterers (those who craft with glitter only). You can come but you have to do your thing outside.

Continue to be on the lookout for Maker Meetups outside of your LYS as well! Crystal from The Untwisted Fibre, loves to support local businesses and will find us lovely places to gather around our area. I will share as they are planned.

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